Every time you shop at LIRIA, we’ll give a $1 donation from each item purchased to our chosen charity for that quarter.

Albanian charitable organizations are chosen quarterly and are carefully vetted. We aim to work with Albanian charities from all over the world.

Below are a few charities that we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

tungjatjeta...jetë tungjatjeta...jetë   

One (1) in ten (10) children in Albania suffers from at least one disability and 92% of these children have no access to the basic services they need.

Since 2017, World Vision has offered more than 14,000 therapy sessions to 200 children with disabilities in 5 different municipalities of the country.

A team of experts composed of a physiotherapist, a speech therapist, a social worker and a psychologist travel daily to the remote areas of the country to visit children with disabilities in their homes and to provide them with the relevant specialized therapies.

Learn more about World Vision

Learn more about tungjatjeta…jetë

Big Open Hearts

Big Open Hearts helps sexually abused children in Albania. Founded by Ledi Vokshi, after many years of volunteering and collaborating with different Non-Profit Organizations in many matters, through her platform, she learned about many cases of Albanian minors that were sexually abused for years. Learn more

Kids for Kosovo

Kids for Kosovo’s mission is to help schools in Kosov so that students can have the best possible environment to learn, play, and grow. This includes repairing bathrooms, building libraries, providing desks, chairs, and other essential items to these Albanian students in need. Learn more

Xhamadani Foundation

Xhamadani Foundation Inc. is dedicated to bring swift and effective support to poverty and tragedy stricken Albanian families and individuals in the Balkans region and globally with education, food, clothing, and shelter through crowd funding, community organizing and through partnerships with recognized organizations and individuals that share similar goals and values. Learn more

Not only do we work directly with charitable organizations, we also donate to those in need through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and directly through family representatives. To respect the privacy of the persons we’ve been able to support, we refrain from mentioning their names publicly. If you’d like to help those in need by donating or bringing awareness to their stories – please follow our social media pages for updates @lirialabel

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